Native Explorers (NE) is a 501(C)(3) non-profit organization based in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. NE provides educational programs and promotes partnerships that increase the number of Native Americans in science and medicine. Educational programs include the Native Explorers Program (NEP) at Oklahoma State University Center for Health Sciences (OSU-CHS) in Tulsa, Oklahoma and the Native Explorers student organization at the University of Oklahoma (OU). The NEP is designed around the disciplines of anatomy and vertebrate paleontology to provide an array of hands-on, off campus activities to introduce Natives to the scientific method and traditional ways. General themes include climate change, evolution, comparative osteology, stratigraphy, mapping, healthful lifestyles, and Native culture. This educational program is focused on Natives 18 years of age and older, who are interested in higher education. The Native Explorers student organization at OU unites Natives on campus, who are interested in science and / or medicine and builds networks with professionals in these disciplines.

Fighting Addiction Through Education (FATE) is a non profit organization with a mission to educate the general public on substance abuse and addiction in Oklahoma and to motivate individuals and groups to work to significantly reduce the incidence of substance abuse and addiction in the state.

Many Oklahomans have been personally impacted by substance abuse or addiction in their own lives or in the life of a friend or family member. But few recognize the significance and scope of the problem in the state and few are aware of ways to address the problem. FATE seeks to educate Oklahomans about substance abuse and addiction in our state and to motivate them to action in solving both the individual and the statewide problem.

For the last 10 years, the Whitten-Newman family has worked together with old friends from across Oklahoma and through new friendships made around the world in order to honor the memory of their late son, grandson, brother and nephew, Brandon Whitten. With an emphasis on preventing addiction and student mentoring in science, technology, engineering and math (STEM), the Whitten-Newman Family Foundation (WNFF) has incubated new charitable foundations and funded several notable projects.

WNFF is a private operating 501(c)(3) nonprofit foundation based in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. Charitable giving through WNFF is entirely determined at the discretion of the WNFF Board of Directors.

WNFF does not accept solicitation regarding grants or charitable giving requests of any kind, whether an individual, a nonprofit organization, or corporate entity.

Oklahoma Life of an Athlete (OKLOA) is a FREE program offered to Oklahoma schools through the Whitten-Newman Foundation and F.A.T.E. (Fighting Addiction Through Education). OKLOA includes both dynamic, interactive online training for athletes about the impact of alcohol and other drugs on athletic performance, as well as live presentations and assistance on re-writing athletic codes, developing student leadership, and promoting coaching effectiveness and community support. OKLOA has been endorsed by The Oklahoma Athletic Trainers Association, The Oklahoma Coaches Association, The Oklahoma Secondary Schools Association, The Fellowship of Christian Athletes, The Jim Thorpe Association and the Oklahoma Department of Mental Health and Substance Abuse Services.

The mission of Brandon Whitten Institute (BWI) is to foster addiction prevention efforts and assist both campus and community individuals, groups and agencies with providing quality addiction and recovery services through education, collaboration and scholarship, while promoting the vision of East Central University.